I’ve tasted you with my mind

feasted on the plot hole,
the Deus ex machina of being here,
the sacrament of knowing you
and the profanity of loving you

I’ve bitten the lyrical sky
of the possibility of our karmas colliding,
of sharing pleasure and pain with you,
citrus notes of your baritone dripping
from the edges of my mouth.

All my five senses know you,
have tapped into the bold flavors
of holding silence while you
sit across from me evoking the sun
like dark chocolate and cayenne.

I’d definitely recognize you
if I saw your face in a poem

then I would speak you
over the restlessness of my remembering,
summon your echoes like strands
of an indelible summer
from love’s dissonant winds.

We never touched
but you left a trail of kisses on my walls
and a lunar crater on my flesh

from that one al fresco brunch
on the outskirts of Marrakesh
hungers rippling over the mosaic
and tracing the gold leaf on the rim
of the glass like the quiver of fingertips

where one of us waited
while the other came
to a deeper intimacy with time
tasting dreams of you with my mind

as you placed the exquisite secrets
of your lips on the back of another’s hand.

Image of Pralinki Czekoladowe Z Serka Mascarpone
from the culinary blog Kwestia Smaku


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