Madison on the 20


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Like blood running through
the city’s veins,
and its arteries in a grid.
We feed its heart/ we are its pulse
fragile bundles of will
layered in fleece and goose down
skin tones from ivory to bronze,
medley of languages
in routine exchanges of politeness.
Tic-tac-toe in the terminal
checkers with the empty seats
private purpose/ hearts on sleeves
protagonists in disparate destinies
not touching,
our personal spaces like sacraments.
Eyes forward
Eyes on your phone
Eyes to the window
counting stops and starts
our shared ride a synchronicity
of movement with no deliberate design,
this prism of steel and laminated glass
a petri dish of stories
rolling on a straight line
come snow or fair weather.

“Bus Stop – Chicago” by photographer Domenico Landolfo


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