The Design in which we Intertwine


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Coexisting, an erasure poem,
wash of black and unwanted phrases
sent back to the chaos,
strangers and intention’s
second cousin once removed
forming new allegiances
across the muffled void
band of harvested meanings
trying to evoke new colors
prejudices smashing against
the desert of white margins
power of a pronounced absence
forcing a connection
a negotiation of
an inhospitable environment
with invisible, deft stitches
suggestion of emergence after
surviving a surgical purge

Coerced confession, exit wounds
edited to the point of bruising
postmortem revelations
the future trying coexist with the past
on a scaffolding of eyes wide open
faith ripped open
and bleeding on the carpet
violation unbound like a drawn weapon
mezzanine floor of acceptance
half-truths in the half-light
sensibilities spattered in
the place where the other shoe fell
chalk outline
thirst for answers,
then the answers

Co-dependence, shifting sands
unreliable maps to mark the oases
temperamental winds
of the once loved
rendering confessions into finer parts
that they might fit into an hourglass
insurmountable realities
in three-minute increments
a comfortable drowning
we get ever closer to the water
if the water doesn’t find us first

“37” from CDK Photography


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