Lyrical Soul

Here’s a list of all my poems that are available online, whose links are collected over many years of blogging on several different sites.

For many years, you could find the following preface to my poetry:

In case you’re wondering, all the poems I have ever written are true to life. The descriptions, especially the proper nouns (names of buildings, roads, brand names, cities, states, nationality) are accurate. Each love poem is written for only one person, and he is a real, flesh-and-blood person, and you can usually find the man’s named tagged at the bottom of the poem. The date and time I posted the poems on are the real date and time that I was feeling the emotions I wrote about.

I can’t write any other way. And believe me, I tried.

As of January 2017, I am removing from the post tags the names of the men to whom the poems are dedicated. I am now a married woman, and most of the men are also married or in long-term relationships; and though I could reason that it’s all in the past, I just want to show some courtesy to them, their partners, and mine. I am going to replace the names of the men with phrases that best describe them to me. It’s for my own benefit, and for the benefit of those who follow this blog and think they know which is which. 😉

Like Sleep Paralysis, but Six Months Long

Hacking Genius

When Safety is Foreign and Calamity is Home

Blue(s) Asymptote

Music > Alcohol



Minutes to Midnight at the Subterranean

Dance Dance Dance

Lost in Space, Out of Time

What the End Sometimes Looks like

All the Festering Unpretty Truths

90 Proof Sky

Pendulum on Nothing but Gravity

Leaving Eden

Drunken Texts to a Psychic

The Problem with Fire

The Prison of a Static Screen

The Last Negotiation

Of Cosmic Chasms and Second Chances

When Two Artists Love

Ink and Blood on Solstice

The Love that is Comfort X The Love that is Growth

The Butterflies Beat me into Submission

I Woke up to Winter


The Last Hundred Minutes Before Light Breaks



Blind, But For My Intuition Who Bid Me Don’t Resist


Catching the Sunrise from the Ruins

Preoccupied / Hazel Eyed / Archetype.

Betraying Closure

There are No Accidents

The Art of Drowning in a Half-Empty Glass of Prosecco

Lie with me


Moth, Meet Flame

To be Next to you

Suite 2010 at the Marriott

Said I wasn’t jealous but

Ode to Everywhere

Pandora’s ̶B̶o̶x̶ Search Engine

Marquette Park Prometheus

Longing is an Endless Fall

Beautiful Trigger

Leaving Orbit

±6 Miles from Gravity

Inkblot 2

Inkblot 1

The Journey is Not Linear and Destiny is a Sham

Night as Scripture


Notre Dame Cathedral is on Fire

Warning: You’re about to hate me.

Privilege is a Tarnished Heirloom


A Day, a Serendipitous Flower

*published in Radical, 2019

And then my muse said,

A Quieter Chaos

Some Questions are a Route to Ashes

If I Go Missing, Look Here First

Ivory Tower

After the Polar Vortex

Twenty-seven Below

Vacant, Celestial

Hold your Peace


Madison on the 20

Benevolence ↯ Omnipotence
*published in Harpy Hybrid Review, 2020

The Place between Conquest and Surrender

You Shine with the Light you Permit


For the Half Past, the Brushed Past

October Twilight

Don’t Say I Didn’t Try

10,000 Molehills

Missed the Bus for the Fourth Time

The Next Savepoint

Of Stepmotherhood and Loud, White Walls

Blur of Summers

Deceived by Parallax

*published in CultureCult Magazine, 2019

Forever / At the Five-Year Mark

A Long Postscript

Inaudible, Palpable

Just Short of the Border

Prodigal and Missed


No, Captain

See you at Seafood City
*published in Longing for Home, 2018

Blue like the Aegean

While My Springtime Sleeps

Ex Libris
*published in CultureCult Magazine, 2019

lim(forgetting) as t → ∞

I Forgot to Ask

In the Space between Exhales

{x|f'(x) does not exist}
*published in The Broken Cassette, 2018

Bus through Dubuque, IA
*published in Barren Magazine, 2018


Young Love, Secondhand

Double Shadow
*published in The Broken Cassette, 2018

The Last Days of Winter

Apartment for Rent
*published in The Brown Orient, 2018

Across Louisville
*published in Harpy Hybrid Review, 2020

Poison of Choice
*published in Harbinger Asylum, 2018

“Shoot the Vagina”
*published in The Philippines Graphic, 2018

The Whispered Desert of Almosts
*published in Former People, 2018

Silver and Glass

Sisters in Autumn

The Weight of Beginnings

Days in a Shuffle

Being Here
*published in Harbinger Asylum, 2018

Encounter as Portent

The Design in which we Intertwine
*published in Numidia’s Wordsmith, 2018

December in Cambridge
*published in Numidia’s Wordsmith, 2018

Denouement Deferred

Saudade for Starry Nights and Ivy
*published in The Brown Orient, 2018

Two Parts Ocean, One Part Rage

Ko Gasumi (高霞の構え)

Toasted and Freshly Brewed


En Route to “No Blue Memories”

Return to Sender

“Black Friday might affect these hours.” —Google
*published in the International Journal of Modern Poetry, 2018

Young Woman at the Met Cloisters, NYC

The Waterfall I Hear When I Sleep
*published in Petrichor in Print, 2018

My Second City
*published in Inquietudes, 2018

Declaring Sanctuary

A Syllabus of our Virtues

Serendipitous, Like Double Exposure Photographs

Bleed a Little

Nights of Tokhang
*published in Bosphorus Review, 2018


Complex Fractions
*published in the International Journal of Modern Poetry, 2018

Pilgrim for a Day
*published in Credo Espoir, 2018

The Place Where All The Important Questions Gather
*published in Numidia’s Wordsmith, 2018
*published in A Gypsy’s Library, 2018

Lines, then Colors, then Shadings and Shadows

*published in Numidia’s Wordsmith, 2018

Freedom is a Stage

The Nights of Turntables and Tequila

You are All the Reasons you Need to Continue

4th of July 2017, Chicago
*published in Bosphorus Review, 2018

Reveries in Satin


The Politics of Faith

Weaponized Frailty


Honeymoon’s Over

Every Mile is Home

The Foreign Melody Stuck on my Lips

Tunnel-Visioned Muse

The Heart of Impulse is Gravity
*published in Sahitya Anand, 2018


Wall of Polaroids

Letters to the City

You Miracle

Nimbus Theater
*published in Rigorous Magazine, 2017

The Same Old Shade of Blue

Wicker Park / Friday / Past Midnight

Abstract Sky in #8f3d4b
*published in Rigorous Magazine, 2017

The Young and Eccentric Sun
*published in Radical, 2018

*published in Sahitya Anand, 2018

Spare me your Righteous Hypotheticals

The Nautical Miles to Home
*published in Rigorous Magazine, 2017

The Innocuous Instrumentals

*published in Advaitam Speaks Literary Journal, 2017
*published in The Blue Nib, 2017

Your Own Infinite

The Eyes of your Contempt

Broken Mirror
*published in Rigorous Magazine, 2017

Righteous Indignation and her Long, Dark Hair
*published in Unlikely Stories Mark V, 2017
*published in Praxis Magazine, 2018

The Night Trumpcare Passed in Congress

Rain Hypnosis
*published in Rigorous Magazine, 2017

No Help in Sight for 33 Miles
*published in The Blue Nib, 2017



The Sun Rises on Rapid City, 4/22
*published in Ancient Paths Literary Magazine, 2018

Outcast of my Own Skin
*published in Anti-Heroin Chic, 2017

Springtime in the South Side
*published in Rigorous Magazine, 2017

Beautiful Wrong Places

Mizuage (水揚げ)
*published in The Blue Nib, 2017

The Prosaic Rorschach
*published in Corvus Review, 2017

Day 41
*published in The Paragon Journal, 2017

At the Seams
*published in Rigorous Magazine, 2017

Some Colors only Reappear when Appealed to

Exponents and Ephemera
*published in Creu, 2017

Day 41


Daughter of the Diaspora
*published in Longing for Home, 2018

Chance, and the Trajectory of Light
*published in Creu, 2017

City of Melancholy

Scholar of Metaphors Curating Scripture

Finding Spring
*published in Radical, 2019

To Arrive, To Occupy
*published in The Philippines Graphic, 2018

Self-Discovery is a Tree-Lined Winding Path

Woman, Ground Zero
*published in Anti-Heroin Chic, 2017

The Physics of Shadows
*published in Rigorous Magazine, 2017

Depression is an Unmade Bed

A View of the Sun from Underwater
*published in Rigorous Magazine, 2017

The Lack of Signs at Road’s End

From Man to Feeling to Symbol to Dust

Broken Alabaster
*published in Anapest Journal, 2017

Ballad for Easy Dreaming

Arboretum Musings

It’s No Longer About The Chase

Chaste Octaves
*published in Spillwords Press, 2017

Estranged Children of Storms
*published in Anapest Journal, 2017

Phoenix Sighting
*published in Praxis Magazine, 2018

Moleskine-Toting Parvati

Breaths of Shadows
*published in Sahitya Anand, 2018
*published in Fearsome Critters, 2019

The Horizon was Made of Glass

Boudoir Photographer

Watching Ships
*published in The Blue Nib, 2017

The Last Rendezvous
*published in The Blue Nib, 2017

Permission To Be Larger Than Life

Retiring the Geisha
*published in The Blue Nib, 2017

Does it Hurt to Dream?

Sacred Message, Rough Translation
*published in The Blue Nib, 2017
*published in Fearsome Critters, 2018

*published in Sahitya Anand, 2018

Everyday Iridescence
*published in Petrichor in Print, 2018

Dea Tacita

Graffiti Dancing to a Heartbeat

Turning Stones at Low Tide
*published in The Blue Nib, 2017

Housewife, Half-Empty
*published in Rag Zine, 2018

Not On Our Watch

Impunity is Illusion
*published in Fearsome Critters, 2019
*published in Radical, 2020

Devotion, Illumination
*published in Envision Arts Magazine, 2018

The Riots Against Forgetting
*published in Unlikely Stories Mark V, 2017

Supremacist Logic

Of Plagues and Other Dark Portents

Containing the Venom

Sienna Red, Petals on Concrete
*published in Petrichor in Print, 2018

Larger than the Odes

The Unenlightened Immigrant

Deleted Monday

Just Another Fallen Leaf
*published in Anti-Heroin Chic, 2017

The Empty Table Late at Night

The Conditional Reset

Claiming the Scar

Second Wanderlust
*published in Dragonfly Magazine, 2020

Big Enough For Two


Why Poets Need To Travel
*published in The Blue Nib, 2017
*published in Riddled with Arrows, 2018

Art Installation, Steel and Natural Light

No, Thanks

You Were Meant To Be Here

Slow Dancing with San Francisco
*published in Spillwords Press, 2017

PS. Now Look at the Stars
*published in Spillwords Press, 2017

Finding Pompeii

Verses for the Early Sunset
*published in CultureCult Magazine, 2019

Southbound on the I-90 at Day’s End

The Sea is a Different Color Elsewhere

Mermaid Heart
*published in Radical, 2018

I See You

Lake Geneva at Dusk

His Many-Tiered Mercy

For the Ocean I Never Crossed

*published in Forever Journal, Poetic Matrix Press, 2017


It’s OK to Stand Alone

The Intoxicating Aesthetic

Let the Words Come

Despite the Stars Reflected on the River

Ars Amatoria and Passion Tea
*published in Best Emerging Poets in Illinois, 2017

Shed Plumage

Words across the Lifting Fog

The Flawed Disciple

Mellow your Infatuation with the Sky

Anno Domini

*published in Forever Journal, Poetic Matrix Press, 2017

Wind through Ayutthaya

Strychnine at the Bottom of the Decanter

The Torn Pages Won’t Be Missed

Bent Inertia

Invisible Chains

We All Just Need A Little Rain

The more I hold it to the light

*published in Credo Espoir, 2018

Enkindling the Astronomer
*published in Credo Espoir, 2018

The Horizon through Bonfire Haze
*published in The Philippines Graphic, 2019

Pan, Before He Could Fly
*published in Bold + Italic, 2019

We were the Perfect Disaster

Loving Quasimodo

Freeing the Scapegoat

Give Them Nothing

A Path of Silk

Your Moral Imperative

The Gentler Ending

Boldly Drawn Shadows Blurring Past

The Roaring Muse

A Shift in Vantage Points

I Stand With You, Under The Colors
*published in The Philippines Graphic, 2019

The Rest Of Me

Survivors Anonymous

*published in Rag Zine, 2018

My Life in SparkNotes

A Shotgun Wedding

Seasonal Ambrosia
*published in Radical, 2019

Trauma is a Shallow Grave
*published in Exhume Literary Magazine, 2018

There Used to be Embers

Azure and Softly Spoken
*published in Sahitya Anand, 2018

The Choice to Remain in Disrepair
*published in Memoryhouse Magazine, 2017

Mapagkupkop na Dilim sa Saliw ng mga Tala

Infinity as a Second Language

The Soul’s Changing of the Guards
*published in Advaitam Speaks Literary Journal, 2017

Tricks of Transcendence
*published in Forever Journal, Poetic Matrix Press, 2017

Breathing Room

The Vagrants Inside My Head
*published in CultureCult Magazine, 2019

Deaf to our Own Dissonance

A Natural Habitat for Grace

No Bolder Statement than “I Survived”

Dreaming Across Rooftops

A Habit of Crafting Suns
*published in Rag Zine, 2018

Salt and Aquamarine
*published in Forever Journal, Poetic Matrix Press, 2017

GPS for Toddlers

Ripple Effect

A Rock Legend’s Origin Story

In the Guise of Coincidences

Party on the Sidewalk

Little Bird

In Memoriam

Romancing the Skyline

Spring’s Entourage

Soul Arson
*published in Memoryhouse Magazine, 2017

Here, the Cycle Ends

Forced Sabbatical

Self-Love in the Pitch Black
*published in Rag Zine, 2018

Bequests from the Departed Light
*published in Forever Journal, Poetic Matrix Press, 2017

The Reunion Dinner Roll Call

The Queue for Luggage at the Terminal

The Neon Signs at a Crossroad

Yes, you can ask about the burn marks.

Praying in my Native Language

Speak And It Shall Be Dawn
*published in The Philippines Graphic, 2018

A Skillet of Suns and Oceans
*published in Rust Belt Chicago, 2017

Legacy in Training

The Lonely Hum at Flatline

Hints of Honey the Color of Sunset

That Hazy Filter on your Favorite Photograph

An Artificial Silence, as in Stillness in a Snow Globe

Mirages Before Snowfall

Steeped in Grace, and Counting

Worshipping at the Ruins of her Temple
*published in Prachya Review, 2018

And Evolve to the Cadence of Spring

16 Silences
*published in Journal of Modern Poetry 19: The Poetry of Protest, 2016


*published in Advaitam Speaks Literary Journal, 2017

Hands over the Atlantic
*published in Unlikely Stories Mark V, 2017

On the Day the Warnings Stop Coming

“Rejoice and be glad…”

*published in The Perch, 2017

Softened by Shadows, Dusted in Gold
*published in A Walk with Nature, 2018

They Signed their Fake Names in Cheap Ink
*published in Harbinger Asylum, 2018

Restoring a Stradivarius
*exhibited at Women Speak, 2019

Shades of Fall
*published in CultureCult Magazine, 2019

Toxic and Unfiltered

The Cruelest Chaos

A Trail of Ash from Sitio Han-ayan
*published in Journal of Modern Poetry 19: The Poetry of Protest, 2016

The World Held at Bay

Still Life, Charcoal
*published in The Blue Nib, 2017

I Invoke You, Divine Inspiration

Sought After, City Not Abandoned

Spare Kinder Words for the Faint-Hearted

What the Moon Promised the Firelight
*published in Anapest Journal, 2017

The Place You Look When Something Goes Missing

Jars of Lightning, Half Price

Darling, Let’s Be Poor

A View of the Future from a Tightrope

All the Chances you were Meant to Miss
*published in Epiphanies and Late Realizations of Love, 2018

Don’t Get Stranded on that Frozen Road

Suburban Soliloquy
*published in Petrichor in Print, 2018

A Conspiracy of the Muses

Red Wine Stains on the Edges of Things
*published in Numidia’s Wordsmith, 2018

Though My Shield is Cracked and My Armor Sundered
*published in The Voices Project, 2016

The Faithful Curator

Our Portrait in Gentle Brushstrokes

How to Hold a Flame

On the Banks of the Rubicon at Dawn
*published in Credo Espoir, 2018

An Indelible Map of my Sky

If My Marching Shoes Still Fit

Words Reflect off Glass into Symbols

Kirikane (截金)

As I Usher you into the Light

Asymmetrical Hummingbird
*published in Anapest Journal, 2017

Among the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Riddles

In the Wake of Gunshots

Woolen Skies and Psychedelic Sheep

The Epilogue of The Girlfriends Show

Veronica did not Exist

More Real from a Distance

The Last Two Hours of Daylight

A Trade for your Album of Selfies
*published in S/tick: Feminists on Guard, 2015

The Spikenard Won’t Wash Off

To the Tune of the Gossamer Light

Picasso in Exile

Printer’s Proof

The Taste of Rain and Scent of Thunder

*published in Credo Espoir, 2018



Silhouettes from a More Intricate Light
*published in Riddled with Arrows, 2018

“Woman is by nature a shaman.” — Chukchee Proverb

Solar Heiress, Lunar Bride
*published in Praxis Magazine, 2018

2143 San Vicente BLISS

September of the Soul

The Last Romanticists

One Child Survived the Village Purge

On the Anniversary of the Inquisition

Persephone in Gucci Sandals
*published in Petrichor in Print, 2018

A Love to Get up and Go to Work for

Magnum Opus

Just like the Way we Used to Pass Notes in Class

The Road, Where Love Stories are Baked into the Asphalt

Poets Crossing

Middle Ground

The Only Past Worth Having

Wordsmith Confessions

The Elements Wrote This Story

Halfway Through Metamorphosis

A Path For Faith To Burn Through



The Chaos behind the Curtain

Loved and Luminous

Louder Than Words

Like Russian Ballet Under Jamaican Rain

Before Mythology Gave Them Names
*published in The Philippines Graphic, 2016

A Matter of Reflection

The Disease was Never the Cure

Signed, Lois Lane
*published in The Good Men Project, 2017

Behold Your Dark Horse

It’s not Over for the Moth Until it Burns

A Lifetime Supply of Blank Pages and White Canvas


The Inside Man

The Past Lives of Stars
*published in Journal of Modern Poetry 20: The Poetry Writer’s Guide to the Galaxy, 2017

Beautiful Awakening

Last Flight Out

Excerpts from Emigrant Correspondence

Silken and Mauve
*published in Spillwords Press, 2018

Set against a Leonid Afremov Backdrop

Hang Up


Mezzo Piano Love

Pièce de Résistance

Every Winter is Somebody’s First Winter

As in the Vessel where they Age the Wine

The Soul of Winter is Introspection

If God was a Poet
*published in Sahitya Anand, 2018

Sweet Solstice

Birth of Diamonds

Don’t Put Love Last

The Bouquet was Still Fresh the Next Morning

Save the Antiheroine

Western Sunrise

Shining in the Window and Dreaming Away

Something Borrowed and Blue

You don’t have to see me off.

Between the Commotion and the Void

Pain Becomes Parable
*published in Radical, 2018

The Worst Demons Are The Ones We Need

Letter to the Grave Robbers

Square One

Therefore I Am


Constellations in Swarovski

Loving in Sequels

The Color of the Ocean after a Storm

The Wedding Entourage

Fireworks Over Downtown Chicago

From Dream to Reality and Back

The Monster Inside

Just Wake Me When The Next Chapter Begins

At the Corner of Maria Clara and Dimasalang
*published in Anak Sastra: Stories for Southeast Asia, 2015

How to Walk on Water

Fragment of the Splintered Sun

Sleepwalking on Session Road
*published in Zau Literary Magazine, 2016

Footprints on the Clouds

Midsummer Night’s Insomnia

Facing It ≠ Putting Your Heart In It


If Life had a Soundtrack



Wind in the Tunnel and the Light at the End

Please Surrender your Cupid Arrows for Inspection

I Love You from the Bottom of My Hard Drive

Through Amazon Rain and Las Vegas Glitter

With Your Permission
*published in Anti-Heroin Chic, 2017

Snakes and Ladders

She’s No Disney Princess

Moon Spell
*published in Sahitya Anand, 2018

Love Me Vintage
*published in The Philippines Graphic, 2016
*published in Prachya Review, 2018

All is Transit



Your Hands All Over My Pages

Raspberry City

Night Falls on Piedras Platas

A Walk on Pont des Arts
*published in The Philippines Graphic, 2016

Skinny Dipping in Cassiopeia
*published in Journal of Modern Poetry 18: The Official Poets’ Guide to Peace, 2015

Where the Light Hits the Water
*published in Spillwords Press, 2018

In the Days of Galileo

Kintsukuroi (金繕い)


Between Worlds

The Space Debris In Your Head

Runaway Siren Come Home
*published in the 365 Wonders 2018 Planner
*published in Radical, 2018

The Postcard Stops at Seven Places

Cross Examiner’s Labyrinth

The Broken Record

For the Love of Puppies and Grape Kool Aid

I Know Where the Bodies are Buried

Unfinished Epitaph
*published in Anti-Heroin Chic, 2017

Cheshire Twilight

Please Don’t Stop Playing This Symphony

Rumi’s Camera

Nights in Alexandria

Brute Force

The Golden Mean
*published in A Walk with Nature, 2018

A Viking’s Funeral, Please

The Same River Twice

Of Melodies Pure and True

Stay for the Fireworks
*published in The Philippines Graphic, 2018

A Rose in Winter


The Distortion may be Part of the Message

Dancing Across The Universe

The Trouble with Willful Forgetting

Details that the Light might have Missed
*published in Kalyani Magazine, 2014

As with the Sculptor Freeing Lovers from their Marble Prison

Belated Thoughts on Venus Transit

Snow Angel

The tenant left. But he brought his keys.

Lives are Made of Days

The Graceful Pause

The Gallery of Impressionist Paintings

A Study in Calligraphy

The Way Gravity Choreographs the Fall

Daylight Saving Hour

The Waters of Shangri-La

A Vigil in Two Shifts

Quantum Origami

Duplicating Light Through Mirrors

Through an Open Window at the Renaissance

The Faint Pulse
*published in Radical, 2018

Singing After Dark

The Rewriting of Night by Sunrise

The Fine Print of Ever After

Your Love Sounds Like Pages Turning

Of Converging Lines and Vanishing Points

Beautiful Ordinary

Love is not Ill-Mannered

The Language That Your Soul Thinks In

Everybody has a Peninsula Manila story.

Passion by Mandelbrot
*published in The Philippines Graphic, 2016


The Dilation of Time as in Dreams

Panglao Passage

The Reconnaissance Mission Has Been Compromised

The Can’t Live Without

Red Sky Morning

The Last Mile to the Altar

Like A Soul Now Unfettered

Eternity’s Preferred Metaphor

The Bellini was Served in a Klein Bottle

“…so then they are no longer two…”

Towards Summer, On Foot

I Can Sleep Soundly Tonight

*published in Shaking the Sheets, 2018

Memories of Station One
*published in Anak Sastra: Stories for Southeast Asia, 2015

Think Wrinkles, Gray Hair, Grandchildren


Scribbled with a Maybelline Lip Liner on a Thomas Lee Pillowcase

Prelude to Dream
*published in Sahitya Anand, 2018

And This Must Be What All Those Poets Are Talking About
*published in Numidia’s Wordsmith, 2018

The Crossover to Miniloc Island
*published in Anak Sastra: Stories for Southeast Asia, 2015

A Shared Canvas

Loving by Example

Scheherazade’s Diary

Dreaming in Black and White, Waking up


If Your Phone Rings Tonight

The Perfect Embrace

If They Ask You Why We Did It, Tell Them

Love isn’t Always Written in Code

The Line Beyond Which The Unknown Begins

Rapunzel’s Release

The Yellow Brick Road out of Wonderland

The Boss Fight in the Video Game


Cross the Line with Me


The Decryption Key Can’t Be Used Twice
*published in Kalyani Magazine, 2014


There’s a Will

By The Time You Find This


When Destiny Calls


Through Hellfire and Brimstone

The Everyday Fairy Tale

Late Light

The All That Love Has Conquered

The Evening Summer and I Traded Places
*published in Off the Coast, Resolute Bear Press, 2015

Come Home Every Time You Can
*published in Indian River Review, 2018

The Walls are Asking to be Torn Down

Love in the Nude

Moorish Hero

Playing the What-If Game in a Blissful Place


Make Our Relationship Public

The Reality That Raised Me

The Closeness Of You

Your Bride

The Way From The Crash Site To The Well

Where The Light Took Me

Here, Next To You

Sweet Dreams, Love

My Favorite Miracle
*published in Prachya Review, 2018

Love With A Plan

The Railing, The Ever After

Feels Like Making Love

Eyewitness Testimony

He Had To Love Me


When He Holds Me

The Day It Rained

His Heart Is Eloquent

On A Night Like This
*published in Nexxus: Take it to the Street Poetry Magazine, 2012

Blindfold Off

Six-Lane Catwalk
*published in Journal of Modern Poetry 17, Chicago Poetry Press, 2014

Descended from Job

Natural Death
*published in Nexxus: Take it to the Street Poetry Magazine, 2012

Flying Lessons

Sometimes I’m Beautiful

Falling towards June

Passengers’ Manifesto

The Footage that Didn’t Make the Movie

What Dreams May Come

Golden Child

A Night with Aleph-Null Moons

Succumbing to the Blur

Beauty’s Favored


The Uncharted Horizon

Be Careful Whom You Touch

The Insatiable

Love, as an Interruption of Nature

Sta. Cena

I’m Ready

We are Part Water, Part Light

Why Judge a Naked Soul

Morning Agenda: Undo Yesterday

It Always Takes Two

The Shoes That She Wears

Tagaytay Flora

Good Man

The Patient Wait


All The Beautiful Things

I Fall Apart

The City that Knows Me

I’m Only a Mirror of What I See

Separate the Good from the Bad

Through the Glass, Gracefully
*published in A Gypsy’s Library, 2018

Hold Me

My Rare Second Chance

Woman in the Mirror

Conversing with Echoes

Marked by the Serpent
*published in Fearsome Critters, 2019

If All Roads Lead to Rome

Get Out Of Your Own Way


Last Reason Standing

The Woman Who Needs You

If This is the Last Time

The Soul’s Cul-de-Sac

Change Your Mind

Just Let Me Love You

We Were Meant For This

Walking Into Love

You Are

Between Two People And God

Inadvertent Springtime

Falling the Second Fall


Lovable at First Sight
*exhibited at Women Speak, 2019

The Words in Italics

Walking Home

Don’t Look Down

But Can You Love Me Anyway

The World’s Longest Poem


I Need You To

Here and Now

What You’ll Never Hear Me Say

Tama Na

The View from the Fifteenth Floor

Light Through Orange Murano Glass

Don’t Be Afraid

Ardent Streetscape
*published in the Make It Makati campaign, 2012

Clock Strikes Twelve



I Didn’t Fall in Love with You

I Want You

Losing Juliet

And I Say to Myself, “What a Wonderful World…”

Ulterior Motive

After the Exorcism

I Always Think It’s You

Darkness that the Blind are Familiar to


A Longest Night

Let’s Have A Love Affair

Lunar Eclipse
*published in Nexxus: Take it to the Street Poetry Magazine, 2012

Let’s Be Somewhere Else

On The Line

Not Ready to Be Friends

One Day at a Time

Among the City’s Bright Lights
*published in The Voices Project, 2016

Two Soul Junction

Shooting Star


I Need You to Touch Me

Take Responsibility

What It Translates To

The Tail End

The Essential Shakespeare

Escape Artist

The Voice of Contempt

2nd through 11th
*published in Mad Swirl, 2011

Never Kiss Me Again.

Love Junkie

Where Are You?

Man on the Hanford Billboard

Ikot Jeep Sonata

Dear O. Henry

Like Perfume

Make It Wonderful

When Will I See You Again?

Virgin Feet

He Gives me Paradise

More Fertile Ground

Hypothetically Speaking

Dishonest Poetry

My Citrus Valentine

Don’t Worry

Third Eye Clarity


Withdrawal Symptoms

Things That Have No Place

The Pendulum Swings

To Be Your Queen



Sworn Disciples of Love

Of Women And Objects

Soul Striptease

No Hands

Don’t Speak

The Man Of / In My Dreams

I Didn’t Mean To

Perfect Stranger

What He Doesn’t Know

You Could Be

Let Me Have This Morning

The Morning After

Her Forgiveness

No Shortcut to Grace

What Doesn’t Kill You

*published in The Philippines Graphic, 2016

Think Again

And Then I Had No Words

Off the Wagon

Your Escape, My Heaven

a.k.a. Truth

When the Answer is Only Four Days Away

Gusto Kong Masaksihan

Ever Day I Love You

Kisses from the Soul

Lose Control With Me

My Sins

The Next Time You See Me

Overwrite Password

If I Could Ask God One Question

Nothing Works

Tell Me You Don’t Love Me

Not About Loneliness

Afterthoughts on a Long-Overdue Phone Call





Damn Liars

*published in Poetic License at Morning Erection, 2011

Sometimes Silence
*published in Exercise Bowler Literary Review, 2010


No Two Sunsets

Waiting for Tears

Dead Silence

Love, Truncated in Places

How Long I Loved You
*published in e.ratio Postmodern Poetry, 2011

Typhoon Season

Greenbelt on a Rainy Night

Finite Shore


How Did You Get Here?

I Found You
*published in Decanto Magazine, Masque Publishing, 2011

Feels Like the Flu

Lines Before Sunrise

I Just Want to Be with You

“Everything is All Right”


South Pole Woman


Love’s Fault

Fear Itself

Soul Tattoo

Serendipity on Paseo de Roxas

Stockholm Syndrome

A Man Who Believes In Love

The Second Time Around

Drunk With Night

The Greatest Heartbreak of All

Emergency Dinner With My Secret Keeper

McKinley Road

If He Took the Time to Put it into Words

Third Party

Why Can’t We Choose Who We Love?


Tomorrow Might Be Too Late

Dangerous State of Mind

I Walk

Mea Culpa

Men and Women

I Will Be Good To You

One-Life Stand

He Turned Me Into A Poem

Long Night

Silent Truth

And Even If I’m Wrong

I Just Need A Sign


Missing You

Cold Feet

Collaboration of a Lifetime

Mr. Love Poet

Yes, I Believe in Magic

Waiting on a Miracle

When I Said, ‘Make Love to Me’

Ciudad de los Ángeles


Before My Faith Runs Out



Because of You

I Can’t Wait

High / Addicted

Waiting For Your Call


Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

I’m calling this morning because

Don’t Fall. Jump.

Both Fragile


Why Not Happily Ever After?

Just One Night

When You Think of Me

Use Me
*published in Honoring Poetic Society Magazine, 2010

On this Side of the Wall

Like a Kiss


Between Zero and Infinity


Amnesia, Please

The Semiotics of You

Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


Two Female Poets Talking in a Café


Dear Player


Iris, I Triple-Dare You

Paging Dr. Freud…

Soul Detox

Café Juanita 04.24.2010

Somewhere Beautiful

And My Eyes Were Closed

Playing Dirty

Curiosity for Destruction
*published in Exercise Bowler Literary Review, 2010

Not Like This

Don’t Read Me

My Personal Morpheus

I Know It’s You

Maybe I Make You

Goethe’s Faustine

Asylum Cinderella

Try To Be OK

On Temporary Things

Hall of Mirrors

Distance Formula on an Oblique Spheroid

Happy Thoughts on 37ºC Heat




Romance in Progress


Makati Nocturne

I Remember Love As It Was

Between the Moon and a Montblanc Fountain Pen

Faith’s Paradox


Handicap to Healing

I Used to Be So Powerful

Final Sanctuary

Let Me Walk Around Your Soul


Mind Sex
*published in Poetic License at Morning Erection, 2011


Until I Fell in Love with a Poet

That Easy

Spare the More Celestial Things

Unresolved Sexual Tension

Destiny is Like

More Potent than Coffee

At the Root of My Writer’s Block

Only this Sky

Because I’m Older Now

I Hate You


I’d Rather Have You

For One Moment


I Sit in Your Heart

Tonight I Get Old

If I Had Known

If It’s Not Too Much To Ask

Please Come Closer

Life’s Staccato Steps

Ode to Breakfast

I Don’t Even Know How I Got Here



Embrace the Flame

Rizal’s Dulce Extranjera

Ravings and Ramblings of a Topophiliac

And When I Tell You I Love You

A Different Name to Call My Loneliness

In Retrospect

Text-Back to a Millionaire’s Daughter

Fairy Tale

On a Cab along Dela Rosa Street

I dropped my pen. I hope it still works.

The Credence of My Soul’s Undoing

US Visa Application, Take Two

I Look for You

I Overheard Sandra Telling June

The Truth Is

Bronze Goddess

Come Alive with Me

Repeat (Again)


Let’s Fall in Love this Summer

Every Breathless Ticking Moment

Poet at an Impasse

Saint Exupery’s Tippler

Sans Rationale

The Kind of Woman I Want My Daughter to Be

My Equilibrium

Acute Involutional Paranoia

Sacramento – Manila

X-Rated Words

Six Billion to One



Pet Phrase

21st Century Garden of Eden

O Zahir

Pipe Dreams and the Most Impossible Thing

A Shot at Too Good to Be True

I Want You to Tell My Heart that it’s OK

Two Poets Dancing the Tango

Wait Till You Touch Me

Corner Coffee Shop


You Don’t Understand

Between Relationships


Lost and Found

New Year’s Eve 2009

So Rare

Sleepless 2

Sleepless 1

Excuse Me



After Reading Maxine Syjuco

Walang Pinag-ibang Pasko, 2009

You Should Feel Complete, But

You Who Must Not Be Named

Jigsaw Piece of Advice

Written on a Möbius Strip

Countdown to California Starts Today

I Tell You Now

Too Strong

The Ultimate Thing

Let Yourself Go
*published in Decanto Magazine, Masque Publishing, 2011

*published in Mad Swirl, 2010
*published in Haggard and Halloo Publications, 2010

The Thrill of the Forbidden

La Bella Figura
*published in Decanto Magazine, Masque Publishing, 2011

Poison and Daggers
*published in Decanto Magazine, Masque Publishing, 2011

Life Metaphors on the 6 a.m. Train
*published in Anak Sastra: Stories for Southeast Asia, 2015

You’re So Unfair


You and Me

Walking Around Towards Greenbelt 3

Fine Specimen of a Man

What If

(In)Finite Regress



It’s How You Do

You are My Solitude

All the Chances It Takes

A Pack of Contradictions


As Artists

Like Fever

Mad Things are on My Mind

Michelangelo’s David

11pm, 63 Xavierville Avenue


8pm, 5F B6 Bonifacio High Street

Things Pretending to Be Poems

In My Defense

Just Look at Me

My Heart is My Best Friend


Little Miss Sunshine


The Non-Fear of Falling



One Regret

Four Layers of Reality

Pray without Words

25, going on 26

It’s Happening

Every Breath I Take (Literally)

Superwoman in a Sweater

Two Girls

Different Feathers

Crossing Jordan to Jericho

Officer with the Badge

Ghetto Note

Neruda Speak

Worst Case Scenario


What Spells the Difference

It’s Easy to Be Happy

Love Well Done

Time is on Our Side this Time

Soul in Transit


The Price

The Contemporary Love Affair

Friendship, Not the Cliched Version

Note to Self


My High School Best (Non)Friend

28th Floor West Tower Philippine Stock Exchange Center


Emergency Exit Parachute Sisters

It’s in Our Hands

Corte de las Palmas

I Celebrate

It’s the Only Way

Standing on the Threshold of the Rest of My Life

Three Handsome Pastors

Dear Nneka


Mas Mahirap Intindhin Kesa sa Inggit

Pagbibilang ng mga Biyaya

Before the day Ends

I’m Unhappy

Job Hunt


Pagbubuhat ng Sariling Bangko


Math Graduate Studies Blue

Aris, Jemma, Jing, Iris Forever


The Die is Cast

Light Rain

Tayutay sa mga Bagay na Pansamantala

Patient Desert

Five Days Without the Sun

Pakikipaglokohan sa Sarili

Four-Minute Romance

You Will Miss Me

Hindi Lang nila Alam

Battlefield of My Emotions

Eileen May

Love Running on Empty

The Next Best Thing

Poetry by Default

I’m so in Love. And so it Goes…

Your Smile is Worth More

God is Romantic Love Too


Am I Blind?

Hindi Dapat Mag-usap Kapag Parehong Sarado ang Isip

320 Hotel Sogo Cubao



Leaps of Faith

Burn for Me, Baby

The Saving Grace of My Sanity

Quattro, Timog Avenue, 2 am

This is who I am. That is the trash can.

Tower of Lies


Those Other Girls


Walking in the Rain

The Minutiae of a Need

Tonight, Everything is Enough

Love Only

First File on Brand-New Laptop

Tungkol kay Chris


Faculty Room 107

Tribute to Incoherence

Tula sa Pader 2

Tula sa Pader 1

Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Loose Words 6

Loose Words 5

Loose Words 4

Loose Words 3

Loose Words 2

Loose Words 1

Ngayong Gabi

Picnic at the Fort Open Field


Pangungumpisal ng Solterang Naglalakad sa Sunken Garden a las Nueve y Media ng Gabi

Had I the Beauty

To the Rock Star I Met Online

In this Life I Choose to Live

The Joy of Love is in Hurting

If I Could Have a Moment

A Rare Moment of Being Sensible

That Night

If You Knew

Forever Ago

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