The Way Gravity Choreographs the Fall

So love strongly,
love with the strength
of karma and evolution
and the burning stars
inside your soul.
Let your love be
a storm unto itself.
Let it roar through
the corridors in
the freedom of being
whole, or at the
very least the grace
of beauty in brokenness,
and in embracing it,
Love as if
you’re moving worlds,
as if gravity is
something you can close
your fingers around.
Throw yourself
into that love.
Take pride in it.
Create it while
it carries you,
as do the music and
its marching band.
Know that love
as you know how
to pray
and push its walls
against every inch
of who you were
before you found out
you were infinite.

But above all,
love strongly.
Occupy that love
the way pleasure
and pain occupy
your body.
Love as if
you were drowning,
as if you could fly,
as if the choice
is all yours,
always been.

I dare you
to be strong in love
for the Bible says,
“Perfect love
casts out all fear”.
Move as it moves,
grow as it breathes,
dance as it forgives.
And watch all
the flaws of the spirit
quietly fade, like embers
of a dying fire
at snowfall.

Quantum Origami

That funny feeling in your stomach when we first met was your physical reaction to time folding in half, creased at that moment.

So now that we’re together, you can think of all the times you have ever been hurt or lied to, and hold me a little tighter.

Then you and I can make up to each other for all the big lonely past, one day at a time, throughout the big blessed future.

Passion by Mandelbrot

It will take a thousand decisions
consciously made,
a thousand copies of
the same answer to
the same question phrased
a little bit different every time,
to stand up and stage
a true resistance to
a great big fear that divides
itself into a thousand
pieces in order to
surround us and
wear us out,
one day at a time.

See I’ve made up my mind
to be with you
but sometimes faith
demands more than one leap

and the free fall is not
what poses the greatest danger
to our survival
but the wait

and the mocking faces of
doubt that press against
the windowpane from
the outside, looking in
at the incomplete peace of
the nights we spend apart
and their incomplete warmth,
the cold that we’d learned
to barricade our hearts with
through past hurts
beginning, again, to
deposit in the crevices of
our souls, slowly
creating comfort in stasis,
putting the fight in us
to sleep.

Doubt is an adversary that
does not play fair, and our
greatest chance for defense
is honesty,

so I look you in the eye and
tell it to your face
that I’m afraid,
afraid of forever and
afraid of change,
afraid that I am too small
and limited and have to
apportion my courage among
the many days that lie
between my solitude and you,
careful not to spend it all
in one go, lest I be
left with nothing to
face the battle tomorrow.

If you listened closely,
the brave voice that
shouted from the rooftops
for everyone to hear had
slightly wavered, and
I have to fill in the gaps
with the one million
yeses that I whisper to

I’ve chosen you for a lifetime
and I choose you everyday.

Like A Soul Now Unfettered

and naked,
not by violence to either
soul or body, but by
the foregone conclusion of
something that’s been
long in the making and
universally understood,
I rise to the top of
the hill and
count my stars.

Every new feather
preoccupied me;
flight never felt
imminent, even at
the final, deciding step
after my feet
ran out of ground.
There seemed neither
coincidence nor
possibility, only
those moments that felt
as if somebody left
the door open.
I remember them all.
They colored me,
many times outside
the lines.

The spices of autumn got
entangled with my hair in
the serendipitous
spring breeze.
Love has always been
the cartographer of
my future.
And fear,
it had no place though
it paid me many visits.

The heart doesn’t
heal itself any oftener
than it learns to
accept that all endings
are beginnings.
That it’s OK
to take your time.
That freedom is about
the skin that he knows
how to kiss. And that
you can call anywhere,
as long as there’s love,
a home.

“…so then they are no longer two…”

Your flesh is symmetric
with my flesh,
twenty-four-hour viruses
and quarter notes of
a bossa nova repertoire
pass from my body
to yours in quantum leaps
as if unhindered
and the spaces between us
were mirrors.
We share every physical pain
and sweet pleasure in
near-equal quantities that
there is no need for secrets,
no need to be alone.

Your dreams and
waking thoughts and mine
are joined
in seamless synchronicity,
questions pair with answers,
worries dissolve and
two halves of sentences
complete each other,
making conversations
a warped architecture of
acquiescence, and
turning arguments into
a chemical synthesis of
passion and growth.

Our love wrote
the perfect haiku,
measured and pregnant with
the long-since inexpressible.

And now it comes in
full circle, over time
I shed some of my recklessness
and have come to own the
instinct for security that
I borrowed from you, while you
abridge your characteristic
moments of pride in order to
make space for the soft
humility you learned from me.
And within half of a touch
we find more of ourselves
in each other.

We used to be two fragments
neither with direction,
that somehow found a way
to turn the randomness into
a beginning,
no footstep wasted,
no facet of two selves,
now one,
out of place.

Dreaming in Black and White, Waking up

There are leaps of faith
and there are things like this

the same prayer
worn thin by praying
the old desire made weary
by wanting
over and over and
the sheer number of days
made all the days the same
and I came to accept that
this is what’s real

while I kept dreaming.

I wanted to tell you
how often I prayed for you,
how badly I wanted
to find you.
But when you came,
shouldering the lion’s share
of sacrifices to make your way
to me, flying against winds
of fear over cities whose
names you’ve memorized and
histories both written
and perceived,
you made of my past memories
of nights of yearning,
once votive and earnest
offerings in the shrine of my
naive persuasions, and that
later got reduced into nothing but
an old habit that died hard which
I only wore around my neck
like an amulet because
it defined me once,
merely a few minutes of words
and a windy afternoon’s worth
of kisses; and every other day
that followed, a beginning
of things unthought of.

Oh, how little my faith was
all along, and how weak
and tired I was of believing,
and never even realized, until
I knew your love, and
we shared a breathing reality
with a future that’s
rock-solid and tastes of honey,
and our faithful promises called
my attention to the fact that
they are too big to fit within
the margins of what
my wildest hopes had been.