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crevices of a murmur
silences padded with damp echoes
the unspoken fusing with lost time

dreams of flight
patchwork of rooftops
blind horizon burning upon
contact with the omnipresent sky

smudged charcoal edges
retired fiddler silhouetted
rampant bootleg copies of the past
old songs against the current
moon river consciousness
Audrey Hepburn likeness
with my voice

stubborn joys on corners
thought valleys collecting rain
plains flooding with phantasms
they talk in dialects
only daughters understand

upside-down days
sand in an hourglass dyed blue
speckled with chances
falling between fingers

soft landing
parachute of furtive resistance
folded hands in blankets
the muse of open windows
covered in seeds of words
sleepless and slipping
into crevices of murmurs

“Flower and the Moon” by photographer Mamiko Irie


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