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It echoes in pairs,
the love that you speak
in times of self-doubt,

once to mark the moment
and once to to see
how it measures up to the silence

when you’ve conquered the obvious demons
and it’s no longer about gathering courage
but rising above the oppressiveness
of the ordinary,
weight of routine on your shoulders
cursed mirror on the mantle
household objects that are
never where you left them
feet dragging from day to day

and the voices return,
the ones that used to tell you
you are not capable of the love
you are professing

they’ve changed their tune
since the wedding, now they say
love setting you free is a myth
and you are too small to break
past the cookie cutter dream,
the identical houses on numbered streets
and carbon copied joys darting glaces
at the neighbor’s greener lawn

the surfaces don’t reflect
all the colors back,
and after a while, parts of you
feel erased after so many tellings

you used to say it because you believe it
now you say it because you need it,
need to cross the t’s before
you go to bed and you wonder
whether it still matters

it’s no longer the unknown that kills you
but the complacency that the chance
to paint the next installment of blue
on the sky you promised, to tend
to the roses of the summer you promised,
will always come back around
after you miss it.

Let your voice ring messy.
Let the dirty dishes soak,
the movie on the screen run unpaused.
Let your muscles concede defeat
to the fraying of the long day.
Lay it down over the furniture,
over the ironed and meticulously
folded clothes: the romance of
possibility replaced by familiarity,
the disillusionment of compromises.

But speak your love.

Speak your love as a bridge
across all the times you’ve said it before,
because time fades the words,
but it also peels away the layers
that are too tired, too calloused,
to caught up in the static
to stop in wonderment at the beauty
of a love that stayed true.

From “Playful Cooking Class Engagement Photos at the Dirty Apron”
by Blush Wedding Photography


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