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And I wonder now if
you have replaced with silence
my old familiar presence,
my slightly annoying,
but endearing,
loud presence, or
if you have found a mix
of company with parts
that add up to sound
like me, so that nothing
feels like it’s missing

did you all find a way
to each move a fraction
of a way around the table
so you don’t notice
that now empty place
I used to sit

and have you finally
sealed the gap in time
or has enough of it passed
for it to matter?

I’m the one who left
but somehow I’m the one
who’s standing still
watching the old faces
tracing the lines
of past conversations
having no alternate images
to help me realize
you are no longer
the way I last saw you,
that the world hasn’t
stopped changing

and that if we ever
see each other again
and resume what
we used to have,
it will be in the future
not the past

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