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The condensate clung
to the glass in droplets

the window framing
the early spring,
late evening
urban scene

sometimes the blemishes
make the picture

I wanted to say
it reminded me of
the way fabric
sticks to the body and
skims a woman’s curves
after hours of dancing,
sweat and freedom
co-mingling on the surface
of her bronze skin
secondhand smoke and
vigorous strains of rhumba
giving her a glorious
worldly air

oblivious of troubles
and the consequences
of rain

but really I was thinking
of the inside of a brushed
steel kitchen sink before
I scrub the grease off,
how tap water clings
to the metal in streaks
and beads instead
of flowing straight down.

One metaphor for rebellion,
the other for restlessness

and the vapors don’t lie:
it was colder on the inside
than out

“I’m Sad” by photographer ChangJun Lee


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