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Split this moment like an atom
spatter the quarks
and nanoseconds on the walls
painted white…..approaching
like an orchid reneging
on its commitment
of implied immortality
boutonniere discarded
in a memento box
lined from the inside out
with paperback pages
soaked in coffee…..wide awake
dialogues and denouements
housing the well wishes from
our friends on that
long ago autumn wedding
where I counted thirty-one
amber-turning-to-red lights
from the chapel to the reception
a subterranean reflection along
Lower Wacker……homeless sighs
and secrets blown like kisses
out to the river…….borrowed
white coat over layers of ivory
and negotiations, a prenup
with past sins and turning
our backs on decay
the half-life of elements
that traffic and
detours are made of
songs sung for forgetting
dirt the color of time
falling…….we were drowning

“Belle, plus belle, la plus Belle Blanc”
by photographer Nadine


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