Our words danced around like fireflies
feasting on the summer twilight
the silence had the vague scent of magnolias
and we were ready to be healed
just being still
and letting time fold around us
like worry and bad memories
becoming undone.
Oh, I drank those moments for days afterward.
Towards the end I found myself
getting drunk and willfully lost
in the endless ochre savanna
of the lives I’ve lived not knowing you
where the horizon is perpetually
waiting to catch fire
but the sun never wants
to say goodbye
and I run towards it
as the last of our conversation
frayed on my mind,
too tired from the touch of my fingers
and about to fade among the trees
that wouldn’t have survived
had their seeds landed too close
to each other.

I only now remember looking up
after you’ve slipped from among
the distant dunes of blindly believing
and the blue was so earnest
and so open I felt like I was
desecrating the sky
to be standing under it.

“Desert Engagement, Joshua Tree National Park, CA”
from Matt Rice Photography


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