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They keep trying to sell me the virtues
of making it through life unscathed
as if we weren’t put here to make mistakes
and find beauty in the loopholes
I don’t really have the heart to say
it’s too late for me, for all their warnings
and I guess they won’t really care
to hear the stories I brought back
from the unknown they so fear
so I just try to not make them uncomfortable
or wear my tarnishedness too obviously
when i sit across the aisle from
the majestic temples of their
many weighted sacrifices,
their compact psalms,
I keep my perfume bottled up
and hush the effervescence of my song
before they accuse me of speaking in tongues
when all I want to do is find someone
I could pass on the taste of raw truth to

Image of Nicole Kidman for Harper’s Bazaar,
March 2016
by photographer Norman Jean Roy


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