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I’m all about knowing.
I’m all about saying
what needs to be said
and sticking around to see
what happens next.
I’m all about releasing the truth
in all its clothes of fire
and bullheaded attitude
into the wild
and waiting for what it brings
when it circles back.
I’m all about getting
my heart broken.
I’m all about the way
broken hearts can purify
everything within their reach.
I’m all about people that
need to meet each other.
I’m all about barriers
of language and persuasion
that need to be crossed over
with dancing and touching
and the universality of
growing through pain.
I’m all about the love
that needs to be loved,
taboo and propriety be damned.
I’m all about the sanctity
of your happiness,
whatever that means to you.
I’m all about the silence and
the status quo being challenged
if they aren’t there to heal,
to clear the air, to strengthen
the seed of faith
determined to take
the next step forward.
I’m all about the beauty
in the chaos,
so let the chaos roar,
but please let us listen.
I’m all about rising from the ashes.
I’m all about that light
you can only discern from
the heart of the blue-black hour
by telling yourself the unknown
you fear can’t hurt you
unless you let it.
And whether you do let it
is still your right, as it is
your right to stop anytime.
I’m all about being your friend.
No matter who you are
or whom you’ve hurt
in the past.
As long as you’re starting again.
I am all about recycled chapters
and diving in the deep end
of any given soul,
and conversations with monsters
and confessions of damsels.
And watching heroes
walk around in their armor.

“Cherry Blossom Season” from Ngo Photographer


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