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I am all that you have killed.
All the lies you’ve told.
I am the screaming rage
of all that you have silenced.
I am your worst enemy, the one
you think you have subdued.
I am all the blunt, barbaric
instruments you have shoved
into bloody crevices.
All the cigarette burns on skin.
The gouged out eyes.
The mangled genitals.
The stench of excrement on the walls.
The bodies with no names.
I am ten thousand years’
worth of prison sentences.
I am all the bullets you’ve fired.
All the millions you have plundered.
All the pages of history
you’ve bastardized.

I will burn your effigy every day
in my front yard
and never stop writing
your crimes with the ashes.

Image from the People Power Experiential Museum
by photographer Rouelle Umali


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