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The lines you did not want to write.
The words that had no choice.
I want to read it all, you said.

See, these are the things
that will be moot, someday,
standing hushed against
a backdrop of a great testimony,
a story that will be told
in soul music and a parade
of victories collected
over the years.
And after I’ve lived through
the dreamed big
and the worked hard,
these small nights won’t matter,
just a breath of a pause
between a self celebrated
and a self found again.
But since you’re asking for
what will otherwise be unspoken,
then I want you to know
there was a time when
the emptiness was
the biggest thing about me.
That my light once bent under
the weight of the nothingness
that sits on my left shoulder,
waiting for no one
and feeling like yesterday
was the end of the world.

“Bridge” by photographer Victoria Berngard


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