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Curtains of water
heavier than brocade
hung from ceilings of nimbus
cloaking the vulnerable street
in damp shadows and rhythms
of nature’s intrumentals.
All the world outside is chaos
for a young mind but
I’ve already decided
he would either know
or receive the unknown
like a guest with
great stories to tell.
So I took his hand
and opened the door
and guided his steps to his
first foray into losing
everything he is
to the song of his five
senses taking over.
And the rain fell on him
with the vigor and majesty
of the universe greeting him
as one of its own,
like a transfusion of life,
like being surrounded by time,
and oh, he received it
with genuine laughter,
splashes of toddler syllables
flowing in syncopated harmony
with the rippling of puddles
forming around his rubber
Spiderman slippered feet,
so much joy and enough
bewilderment to mimic thunder
and knock on the quiescent
chrysalis of his fledgling
humanity, impatient for glory
and open for what gifts
cold air and slick roads
and bolts of lightning
and a washing off of dust
from walls and sleep from eyes
and an unapologetic unfettering
of an illusory stasis
have in store.

* * *

He’ll get swept up in that
feeling again, someday,
in other points in his life,
a standing ovation, perhaps,
a three-point shot, a kiss,
standing up to a great fear.
May his spirit always find its way
back to that giggling drunk
little child playing in the rain.

“Rainy Day Friends” from Jake Olson Studios


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