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The stars echoed you
as you fought your battles

forming arcane warrior gods
and celestial icons of triumph
in the cosmos
to light up your path
to illumination

betraying great distances
and rendering perfect reasons
for imperfect orbits
with the eloquence of
their unbreakable silence

harnessing the many voices
of the moments of your anguish
to fuel the ink black depths
of cold, empty space
to show you they understand
how something can feel
and endless
and inescapable

and burning bright from the core
the way you do when
you refuse to let
the worst of nights define you

filling up the farthest reaches
of the expanding universe
with light
and the gravity of your divine
and preordained existence,

the reason why
all things are
in their place and purpose

rooting for you

Image by photographer Péter Láng


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