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There is a future
where we danced

where you and I
partially drunk on life
would be a roomful of people apart
instead of a thousand miles
and music, the kind you promised,
would casually descend
like happenstance
and we would recognize
the hand of fate

and it would be
the end of the world all over again
and our eyes would lock
and it would be enough

because there is no version of this
where our futures are not
already signed away
and no matter what
the romantics say
no warmth is worth forever
and my flesh doesn’t need
to know yours
nor yours mine

but I’ve held you with my mind
a million times
and that would be the future
where your mind would hold me back
across a distance that is
infinitely better than
a thousand miles
and nobody would know but us
that we have found a loophole
in a lifetime of anguished dreaming

and after all these years
deciphered the sweetness
of a chance never given
and temptation
speaking my name
in the same breath as yours

“Woman In Red” by photographer Nuno Silva


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