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I wanted to tell you
you are bigger than the stereotypes.
That who you love,
as long as you love well,
is your right.
I want you to know
the violence perpetrated
against your body and your spirit
for decades does not define you.
And your fears, your insecurities,
the way you keep yourself in check
has no business being subservient
to the lack of sympathy and
understanding of those who are
too small to realize
you are beautiful.
That you are beautiful.
That you possess magic
and no words hurled at you
should make you feel dirty
or less than worthy
of the respect you are asking for.
That what’s really ugly
is the ignorance that made you
have to fight to have a place.
That you always had a place,
among us, next to our
capacity to love,
our souls touching.
Your pride is my pride.
Your dignity is my dignity.
And all the times
and ways you bleed,
all of humanity in its
arrogant frailty receives
a transfusion of that pain.
We only call attention to
our blindness each time
we wonder why we are hurting.
And every time they knock
you down and you stand back up,
you are healing the world.

Untitled Image by photographer Tim Burke


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