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It’s easy to feel limited
when you’re surrounded
by walls and a low ceiling
characteristic of houses
built in the 1960s
and half of the floor space
covered in Mega Bloks
and monster trucks

and three-fourths of the silence
eaten up by toddler talk
and most of your time
promised to the husband
and child
and making it work.

And if it weren’t for
the size of my past
I would definitely feel small.

Before this I was just
an idea away
from taking the world

but today I am a universe
of thoughts germinating
inside a woman’s body
an aleph of grand visions
whose hands are busy
with menial chores
and whose freedom is
hanging out to dry
on porch railings
of this suburban home

just one of many
alive and listening
to fugitive winds
and the clock ticking
awaiting my turn.

untitled photo
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