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Something borrowed
something given
something stolen
from the ones
who stole it first

and their children

something blue
spangled with white stars
red and white stripes

something old
as echoes trying to find new voices
as messages once written in stone
now erased
for reasons less than noble
and talking winds bearing colors
that won’t fit in boxes
and a history that will only
carry so much weight
before it breaks
and draws the blood
of those who won’t remember

something new
coveted grand skylines
towers of many Babels
speaking in market researched
monotony selling the same dream
built on shoulders and bent backs
of children of the new slavery
borrowing from a future
one does not own
to try and bury the past

trampling all its treasures
with lead boots and shells
of expensive wars
and scars
handed out like charity
to the least common denominator
and consolation prizes
of medals and monstrous lines
for rights
at the VA

weeping mothers
and steel faced orphans
line the aisle
as the captive daughter of Zion
force fed with junk food
and pregnant with revolution
marches down
pulling a bridal train
of generations-long oppression
and tears

“Freedom Nation” by photographer Nicolas Morales


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