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These birds
heralds of spring
winged affidavits of
being found
of surviving

turning stones
inside my psyche
looking for something

like code words in hypnosis
something resonates

a familiar grace
hardwired for flight that
fearlessness is second nature

bearing maps of worlds
memories from vantage points
of riding winds
in pursuit of

projecting their carefree
bird songs on repeat
making you feel surrounded
sans the cage

delicate frames of picturesque
sweeping panoramic revelations
insiders’ understanding of
nooks and crannies
of being

and being alive

insatiable appetites
for freedom

blurs of color
feathers of electrified light
reminding you, you can be new
and become the chase
and pry the heights open
with your unperturbed peace

and reign
while owning nothing
and belonging nowhere

untitled photo from image bookmarking site WeHeartIt


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