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I want to lie under the stars
of your unraveled incompleteness
maybe feel my subconscious lifting
to come face to face with the void
in the shape of everything you feel
that you’ve been missing
I think I’ll know you a little better
if one night I slip past
the clutter of complex geometries
you have chosen to surround yourself
and come out in the open
where the wind roars loud enough
to swallow your silence
where you permit yourself
to be hungry
to feel empty
to pine for what is beyond your reach

and I will help you cast it out
into the brisk evening air
like blankets we are hanging out to dry

and we can lie down on the grass,
side by side,
and marvel at the exquisite design
of an imperfect life
and watch the flaws sparkle

you may be insecure
you may be helpless
let that feeling burn
for warmth
for light
it’s all right
let it adorn our shared sky

trace its path with idle fingers
like constellations in progress
and give them names
taken from our personal legends

and be still for their whispers
for the past and the future

“Love Moon” by photographer Katarzyna Purchalak


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