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In the rain
the earth shivers delicately
as if scared of the words
that might come out of her
having buried so many
sacred secrets
sleeping worlds
gestures of majesty
now pelted with questions
and watery spheres
of impatience
seeming to force her hand
and pull revelations
from her fertile spirit

but she has always been
about perfection,
and timing
as precise as blades of grass,
each unhurried petal
a measured step
on her walk down the aisle
into the arms of spring,
a solemn ceremony of
the different shades of love
from blushing roses
to the most passionate violets,
the choreographed coronation
of the goddesses of
inspired thought

under the raw, emotional sky
the horizon is the color
of a late night rendezvous,
too preoccupied gazing
at the beauty that is yet to come
to focus on what’s at hand
that you could run towards it
and catch up with the light
at the vanishing point
and get the distinct feeling
that you are standing
at the far edge of a flat world
right before it wraps around time
like a möbius melody
and everything

“Gray Day with Yellow Flowers”
by photographer Antonina Kuznetskaja


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