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Say, you were the City
and I was the sky

your love happens to me
as light happens
on ice crystals in the winter,
as haze happens to the air
on a hot summer day

something to get lost in
something to hold
if you could hold
moments like things
with subtle scents and color fades
filling the heart’s four chambers

your gaze and your ambitions
gravitate to me
like heartaches cast on the River
that snakes across your body
and sends even the hardest
souls to dreaming
and whose incessant roar
has become the backdrop
of culture and conversation
on your madly crowded streets

the homeless and the homies
the homesick immigrants
and the homing pigeons
hunger and angst
and past and purpose
defining you, blessing
your inner chaos
with burning eloquence

the pieces of me
reflected on your eyes
and my shifting moods rendered
in full color on the squares
of your free time

and you and I meet
in visions of the bold skyline
that transforms the soul
in places only the soul
an icon of freedom and aspiration
where one used to only
see graffiti on brick walls
and brave gusts of strong wind

“Pinkie & Hardik Engagement” by photographer Rahul Rana


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