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There are a lot of things you can do
while waiting for your eyes
to adjust to the dark
after switching off the light.
You can reach
into the back of your throat
and gather the screams
you’ve been holding back
throughout the day,
refined lady that you are,
and release them quietly
into the absolute stillness
that surrounds you,
where you will no longer
be able to remember them
by the time the blindness lifts.
You can pull out the love
from under you,
smooth out the creases
from bearing the weight
of silly dancing and eating
leftovers off somebody else’s plate
and waiting for the right moment
for certain things to be said,
and just take the time
to let its softness fill
the gaps between your fingers.
Here is a hush over your eyes
and soon the noise of dim shapes
and shadow corners will break
the sacredness of the moment,
from the pitch black will
re-emerge the ordinary, cast
in a gradient of inertia.
So count the stars
inside your womb
and paraphrase beauty
for their names.
Brace the world at your feet
for the coming dawn
while reminding yourself
before the night is brushed away
that a little rest is all you need.

“Denise” by photographer Daniele Melato


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