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There’s a part of me
that loves you by training my eyes
to focus on the shining light,

and a part of me that loves you
for all that you have overcome

loves the shards of your character
that survived,
though not unscathed,
while the rest of the pieces
got thrown into the fire, shards
with edges that may be too sharp
and unsafe to touch
but around which
I have chosen to wrap my hands
at the risk of getting wounded,

because that’s what trust is.
We either get matching scars
or we learn to handle
and be handled
so that the place we meet
marks the end of the roads
of hurt we have either suffered
or caused on others.

And the place where we surrender
the parts of ourselves
we admit we cannot fully know
without getting undone
is the place where we are loved the most.

“♥” by photographer Katy Martinova


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