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With each passing year, may I be more and more emboldened to call time my friend. May I embrace each deepening line and face the mirror without needing makeup to cheat away the reminders of how often I’ve laughed and cried. May I never be ashamed to say out loud on any given day and in front of anyone, exactly how old I am, because I know where all the years went, and that none of them were wasted, because I’ve dreamed bravely, worked hard, and loved sincerely. And when I start to forget things, may I find peace in knowing I have shared myself enough that the most important parts will carry on, imprinted onto the lives I’ve touched. And when my body starts to fail, and my movements start to slow down, may I welcome the change in pace as yet a new way to watch life and learn from the world, a new opportunity to manifest grace.

(Happy New Year.)

untitled photo by photographer Daria Huxley


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