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They say no amount of proof
will ever be enough for the unbeliever
and no proof at all
is necessary for the faithful.

If that is so,
then we fight this war
for those who are young in the faith
those who are still
finding their way
those who are not done
asking the questions

the ones who are in the fold
but have their palms
out in the wind
and can be ripped out
from among us
by wolves in sheep’s clothing

the ones whose spirits
have received the divine seeds
but are still in danger of being
overrun by poison weeds.

They are the reason why
we have to be the stronger current
and blow the stronger winds.
They are the ones we seek
to bring home when
we talk about doing the work,

not the ones who will believe
the first bad thing
they hear about you,
quick to pass around the news
that your temple is burning,
the ones who call you names
“brainwashed”, “blind follower”
without knowing or caring
about the miracles you’ve witnessed
or the storms that brought you here.

Those people are not your friends.

Not the ones who have already
cast their lot with those
who seek to destroy you,
those who have bound their fates
on the path that leads away
from everything, and would
drag with them
all that they can.

Those people are not your brothers.

So calm your heart,
carry your truth
and hold on to what has been promised.
Some ears are deaf, but
this battle cry is not for them.
The work we do is not in vain
where it matters.

“Belvedere” by photographer Riccardo Crivellari


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