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May the colors of fall
always be enough

for your pain

for the lost summer

for all the summers
that did not stay.

May these tones of transition
be for you a song
of transcendence,
and may it be enough
to pierce the gloom
of a somber sky
and the hushed light
of a meek sun.

May you find the chance to walk
in the earth’s shuffling footsteps
from the lushest of greens
to the vividness of flames
and be ensnared
by the riot of feelings
in between.
May it be the language
of your visions,
the blueprint of your deepest
truths unfurling.

May the short, bittersweet
journey of the leaves
from the branch to the ground
be to your eyes
an exalted dance
of ends and beginnings
of sacrifice and understanding

a treatise on grace,
on embracing the unknown
and unknowable

the movement of time
among beating hearts
in the brisk air

the telling of a story
whose ending
is unwritten

“Fall with the Hope” by photographer Alexander Mihailov


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