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Fire walker,
I want to be bold again,
feel the live coals
on the soles
of my bare feet
and my bare soul again

want to feel, again
anointed with limitless possibility
want to feel pure,
untainted freedom
coursing through my veins
want to know how it is, again
to be possessed
by the uncompromising night
and perform a glorious miracle
and offer it to the world
to be witnessed
to be believed
to be taken apart
into atoms of grace,
of blasphemy,
of gritty, bitter reality
and with my name
signed in blood
and sweat
and burning tears
at the bottom of the page

be one for whom
Saigon and Havana
are more than just cities,
Trayvon and Freddie
are more than just names,
foie gras and stroganoff
are complex stories
and journeys
from culture to palate

one for whom living
requires no permission
and death is larger
than an end

I want to flee mediocrity,
breathe the sweet, brisk air
and let the rain
write manifestos on my skin
proclaiming me the child
of inspiration
that was once lost
and found her way back,
that I was never a slave
of time or place
nor a hostage
of the next broken heart
and all I ever really needed
was me
to be the art
I claim to be

“Bohemian” by photographer Shamendra Fernando


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