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Obedience is the new great revolution,

in a world of misinformation
and too much information
and agendas
and disguised intentions,
where discourse can only corrupt
your sense of right and wrong
beyond recognition,
where everybody has
to have a say on everything
and your supposed relevance lies
in the strength of of your opinions,

the real challenge is
to hear a Greater Voice
and follow it,
to be humble
and deny yourself
your need to feel important
when it means
getting mixed up in the fray
and contributing to the chaos

for the purest form of eloquence
is a tranquil and trusting silence
in deference to the One
who is in charge all the time,
who has a divine plan,
who only needs to will it
for things to fall into place
and the reasons to be revealed
so that we may understand
without having to be broken,
or compromised, or divided.

Walk to the place
where your election is safest
and wait for Him there.

“Amor Torero” by photographer Alexander Mihailov


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