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I want to be the poem
that exhilarates the heart
greater than the bright lights
of Times Square.
I want to write the words
that are larger than the page.
I want to engineer the metaphor
that is bluer than any blue,
darker than insomnia.
I want to capture a love
more picturesque than a kiss
held painfully in a pose
with the Eiffel Tower
visible in the distance,
waiting for the camera click
waiting for post production
where an adjustment of filters
would render perfection
to a contrived moment.
I want the intensity
of a spontaneous embrace
that you can’t erase from memory.
I want to love the love
that a hundred years of spring
has never seen.
I want to pen the lines that turn
romance into a tangible thing
and creates a place where
the impossible can breathe.
I want to compose in my soul
a passion that blasphemes reason
and prove again that a new night
can be fashioned
from old verses,
that when the sun rises,
it might discover a sky,
a dance between orange and red
that it never expected to find.

“The Swing” by photographer Jason VanStry


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