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the way the earth
makes love to the promise
of summer
and conceives
a ruby sky—

I’ve loved you

even as the folds of silence
descend on the lips
of the kiss unkissed,
the serenade hushed by sleep

even at the bottom
of the falling dream,
the landing pages
of blind faith leaps
and the clockwork morning
softly stirring

even as we consign our fates
to the fraying horizon
where cast-out light
breathes its last
and the pieces
of its broken heart
land at the feet of both
the innocent and the guilty
like fog in the city

even as the familiar passions
woven in fever patterns
of freshwater sweetness
and brocade gold
grow threadbare and
run with the cold feet
of an untamed winter,

we are caressed
by a binding future
and a certainty
ordained by years
and sharpened by visions

and I will love you

to the mellow renditions
of what had once been
so vigilantly kindled

to the fading echoes
of our untold darkness

to the turquoise memories of the sea

to the warmth of strangers
and their foreign prayers
whispered in the darkening twilight

to the end

“Dance with Me” by photographer Manuel Orero


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