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And maybe if life had been kinder
I would have been more complacent,
and been programmed to see
kindness as more of a norm
than a rare gift that must always
be received with thanks.
And maybe if the past had been softer
I wouldn’t have learned how to seize
the future with both hands
and wrestle every last opportunity
off the chokehold of fear and insecurity.
And maybe if our understanding of
the world’s reasons were swifter,
the asking of questions
would not feel so meaningful
and nobody would take the time
to explore the ifs or dream in color,
or exchange a silence for another,
or find beauty in a pause,
or discern humanity in a gesture,
an innocence, a chaos of blood
and anguish on a sleep-deprived street.

“Walking the Cobbled Street in Rome”
by photographer A Samson


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