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My truth is strong
but it is soft
and fills up with
the redolent richness
of the world that this truth
is not made of,
but with which it is always
prepared to coexist,
and with openness
to the possibility
of catching beauty
in the impurity.
It is light
and I carry it like lifting wings
but it bears the weight of
all that I believe in,
and all the dangers and
consequences of believing.
It is serene
perfectly still
but it speaks
in all that I do and all that I am,
the words that I say,
the works of my hands,
the choices that I make.
This is the truth that leads me,
the truth that claims each footprint,
the truth that sleeps in the same
bed as my peace of mind
and the truth that I took apart
down to the naked soul
and found to be aligned with what
my heart recognizes as pure.
And no, my truth
will not negotiate
but it will be honored to dance
with your reasons if you engage it
in respectful conversation
and I won’t dream
of disturbing your own
and you won’t have to worry
about offending or
that cognitive dissonance.
My truth will outlive me;
I will bequeath it to all
that I will ultimately leave behind
but it is mine
and if I have loved,
if I have sinned,
if I have forgiven,
and if I have done something
in this life worth retelling,
may it be because my truth is enough,
that it knew me
and gave me enough to go on,
that I conformed
to its rules and its promises
the way I remained faithful
to my own nature
even at the price of being doubted
or thought a liar
or misunderstood.

“That Look” by photographer Armando Espinoza


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