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“Will you be my story”
is really what my heart was saying
underneath all the casual,
coy politeness
on the day you and I
first exchanged dreams
to try them on for size
and see what the future
might be like.

All my previous chapters,
ink blots in my
proverbial little black book,
gossip fodder and
forgotten tattoos in hidden places
short cinematic anecdotes, all
recipes for disaster,
all with the one
main ingredient missing
brought me to that moment
when I was tired
of chasing mirages
only to arrive empty-handed,
of dancing with compromises
and being romanced
with hollow promises
and only wanted, finally
to begin

to walk on solid ground
and not in circles
to make sacrifices
with real direction
to know that each today
is a continuation of yesterday
to build
a life
not without hard edges
but still graced
by the occasional glimpse
of a fairy tale.

* * *

And here we are,
two bodies
joined at the soul
with our story’s words,
handpicked by a Divine Author
falling with ease
between our fingers
and onto the crisp, fresh white
of the waiting open page.

“Engagement Session Guest Book” by photographer Critsey Rowe


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