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You are the lights
that shine the brightest

down on the Magnificent Mile
where incandescent insomnia
sighs out of a thousand windows
and illuminates the lonely
restless boulevard,
where human brilliance
ignites the skyline and
burns the boundaries of all
that the right amount
of hunger and ambition
makes possible,
yours is the glow
that I miss watching

out here among
museums and campuses,
theaters and districts of
passion-reclaimed ghettos,
in all the transient
illusory shifting
of a living, breathing
gallery of vibrant souls
where beauty is
redefined each day
in bold strokes
on each street corner,
each pavement,
brushes dipped in fresh pain
and palettes borrowed
from impressionist dreams,
I wander wishfully
seeking your signature
on walls of graffiti

wanting to hear your song
wanting to witness you again
and the familiar way
you fill up an empty space
with meaning
using our native language,
our homegrown shades of feeling,
and the fine, complex, nuanced
movements of life
across the consciousness
that I never really realized
were speaking to me until
I sleepwalked the million miles
between your presence
and my future
and found the voices silent

and my senses wanting.

“Mimi Soux” by photographer Nelson Pereira


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