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I was given a song
its lyrics my identity
and its melody my evolution
but I never really
heard the song
in full, only in pieces
I only catch some bars and phrases
on moments I am lost
in reverie, or
drifting into sleep
like strains of a distant moonlight
blurring the edges of my dreams
and telling me all of it is real,
with the tangible world
the only proof that I need
to believe
that I will one day
wake up and sing
the whole song
the way it was written
and meant to be sung
and claim it
as both my personal creation
and a prophecy I fulfilled.

I am writing that song
as I live
but I also live
knowing my song
is already out there,
beautifully mastered
and complete.

“Esoteric” by photographer Katie Andelman Garner


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