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We are the exception

in a world where lies and deceit
are socially accepted,
even expected,
we told the truth
we were the truth
raw and unrehearsed
rough and untrained

where people shield their hearts
and build their walls to keep
reminders of their failures
from touching
their sanitized wounds
and dressed egos,
we chose to be vulnerable
our needs undisguised
our weaknesses naked
and shivering at the touch
of the opening bars
of romance in the background

and the nature
of the only kind of love
we ever knew how to give
conversed in simple words
unscripted and unadorned
like a broken-down jazz piece
played from the depths
of a soul
with only the darker half
of the starving night
for an audience

it was an outtake,
the way we fell in love,
full of ad-libbed lines,
uncertain timing
and odd notes
thrown in
at the spur of the sweet moment
just because it felt right;
it would never have made
the producer’s cut
but it was a flow
nobody could recreate
and it was ours

“Christie and Chad Jazz Engagament” by photographer Jessica Santiesteban


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