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I have known a life
of dreaming,
about places to get lost in
and cultures to find,
of people with names
to roll around my tongue
and foreign persuasions
to messy with my fingers,
gods that create and destroy
and new ways to pray
and empty my heart
to higher winds

I have known a life
of temptation,
one defined by moments
when some secrets
kissed off where
my lips had touched
the rim of
cursed wineglasses,
by walks of shame
along the bared skin
of dawn’s soiled light

I have known loving
in halves,
a needfulness shared by
two broken people trying
to cling to each other
like faint embers
blown off from a dying flame,
and I have known cold nights
and even colder mornings

and there are shorter lives too,
of picket signs and blood,
of thirst and theorems,
of forged checks and
foiled revolutions,
of service and children who
hold nothing back
when they embrace

and I’ve lived them all

they all fade into
one another like
watery ink on paper
I am fractured and flowing
I exist everywhere and nowhere

but I have seen purer things too,
things such as
redemption and thankfulness
being rescued and waking up new
and sometimes, stillness
as perfect as the ocean’s soul
and if only by them,
I am held together

“Greek Goddess” by photographer Jose Villa


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