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You are the dream I courted,
teased out of the moonlight,
my masterpiece of love.

As an artist, I’ve recycled,
reinvented and reimagined,
but the closest I’ve come
to creating something
out of nothing
was the day another heart
started beating inside me.
I’ve only ever worked with
scraps and hand-me-downs,
created beautiful things
by patching pieces where
they are most damaged
and called it living,
sorted old, worn pieces
of expression
to fashion a kind of discord
that mimics gracefulness
and called it poetry,

but you,
you are pure,
you come from a place
no words that have ever
passed through my hands
could give justice to,
you are conceived
in a light and a freedom
that the bruised optimism
of which for so long
I’ve been so proud
could never reach.
The portent of your arrival
is redemptive,
making each day worthwhile
and shining with purpose,
and I will usher you in
through the shapes and colors
and help you sleep
through the noise
and protect you from danger,
carry you like a bundle
as tangible and of this earth
as the parts of me
that could get hurt,

but remember, child,
you are so much more:
a flame ignited in
a womb of deep waters,
the essence of flight,
of gold and of the sun,
and I, nothing but blessed
for being an instrument,
an imperfect but willing
vessel for your life.

“My Belly Shots” by photographer Kate Benson


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