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We began
as the weights of ourselves,
armfuls of strange histories
of having loved and
having been loved before,
and lessons
some embraced at first try,
some learned begrudgingly,
some still choking
our stubborn hearts
where reason had
shoved them down

but timing was our friend
that time
and one step
was all it took for space
to make space for itself
where we can welcome
another story, another soul
and tell us
we can walk together,
stumble and fall together,
get lost trying shortcuts
and scenic routes together,
and be everything
that was ever wanting
in two journeys that
seemed too long
for the longest,
yet in one fell sweep
came to understand that
all the false starts
and bitters endings
have come together
to piece together
a new beginning,
and the burdens added
onto our persons
by layers of experience
are now but second skin,
and we are lighter
than feather dreams
and can run like the wind.

“Jordan and Joris – Point Dume, Malibu” by photographer Phoebe Chuason


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