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Here’s to new beginnings
and to memories
that get caught between
the latch and the door frame
making of each ending
a sad dream that will not
fade by awakening.
It lingers
and it continues to love,
to hurt,
to regret,
to desire,
and though the die
has long been cast,
you’ve gathered
the winnings and come
to speaking terms
with the losses,
it presents the same
choices again
and asks you to choose.
Every day a struggle.
Each new crossroad
bearing the street names
of conflicts you thought
you’d passed and
put behind you.
Every heartbeat a question
of whether to be made
or broken.

Here’s to the buses
we missed
that keep idling
on the sidewalk
while we sleep.
Here’s to the days
that we seized
and the celebrations
that will always have
a song that
hangs in the air
but would not play,
a friend that
could not make it.
Here’s to the dark secrets
we nursed at our bosom
and the lies
we told ourselves
just to get by.
Here’s to a redemption
that will come
not as a grand coup
that alters everything,
answers all questions,
and releases all sorrow
but will instead
trickle into our lives
in small increments
we could easily miss,
a race that can only
be completed by taking
one step at a time,
and the prize
but yet to be seen.

“Ballerina in the Night” by photographer Daniel Ahchiev


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