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Before you can conquer the city
the city must first occupy you:
break your spirit
into weightless feathers
that go whichever way
the wind blows,
overwhelm your heart
with a crushing,
liberating sense of smallness
and overtake your purpose
with the haste of strangers
crowding the downtown streets.
It will first exhilarate you
scathe you with the dignity
of its loneliness
and worry you that you
might never quite fit in
with a voice no one has heard
and a music only you
can distill from the chaos.
Before you can own the dream
its price must first
claim you as one of its pawns
and scatter your pieces
on the snow
and make you retell your story
over and over
until you’ve unmasked
all the traitors
and run out of excuses
for all your bad choices.
You can’t take a bite
from the apple until
you’ve been baptized
with your strongest convictions.
Before you can hold
the world in your hands
you must first learn to dance
with the hunger
and the missing parts
of a cold, unforgiving night
and lay your truths down naked
among hardened egos
and their unspoken prayers
for an early spring,
where they might burn
as passion’s sacrifice
and help usher in
the next sunrise.

“Movie” by AT Photo Bokovets Zhevnova


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