Classic love,
the eloquence of your freedom
echoes in the tailored sunlight
and finds me, catches me
in its unrestrained power
and carries me in its flow,
and with you occupying
the place in my body
that used to be hollow
next to my naked soul
I am a young river
and a mature flame,
imbued with a nature to reign
and take into me as much
beauty as I can hold
and give it back ten times
as satisfying to the senses

you are the love I remember,
the love I believed in,
the aesthetic
of your faithful evolving
unravels my muse and
fills up my darkness
with intricate visions
and enough passion to
keep the sky intact
and the oceans breathing

I am a change, a supernova
whose future is promised
with you leading me
by the hand,
blindfolded and trusting
and privy to all the miracles
that the world has never seen
and that are only now possible
because of the way
you look at me

deep and true, your touch
surrounds me like a waterfall
and all of reality is dreaming
it’s all been done before
but it’s always worth doing

“Wedding Day” by photographer Vadim Az


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