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Through walls of words, I see you
I collect tales of the steel will
that keeps the trains running
through the claws of a blizzard
and in private, I dance
with the imperfections
of the lesser known alter ego

you are part strength, part sleep
part Kryptonian and
part peanut butter addiction,
part caped crusader
in a traffic of conquest and
part blue-and-red blur of laughter
flying your way home

part morning rock star
behind the shower curtain
and part weekend hero
waiting for your muddied costume
to come out of the washer
so you can put it on again
and save the world come Monday

part bullet slicing through
roads at sub-zero temperatures
and part muscles bruised by wind
that need mending over a night
of humming silence and
some lemongrass scented oil

and with every stride,
you carry me
and nobody else knows
the details of what keeps
your fortress clean and who
glues your hours together
when you’re lost in dreams
and how we make mistakes
of different sizes
and why we love
with everything we have

and nobody else sees
the metropolis and its sky
from this angle
but us.

Claire Pettibone Bridal by Photographer Stephanie Williams


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