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The artistry of your life has touched me

where every heartbeat is deliberate
and every pain is masterful
like brush strokes dipped
in forty-two shades of blue

how your every indulgence is a poem
and your every addiction is
the opening chords to
a soulful song

how your failures are part
of the rhythm of living
and you never stop dancing

how the contradictions
in your character are the edges
of the tiles in a glorious mosaic
each of them burning with life
each of them bearing a story
how in pieces, you are complete

I almost envy you
the way you wear your purpose
tattooed to your every choice
and you dye your hair with
the individuality that
no frame can contain
or hang on a wall

knowing you is enough for me
to put my own existence
in perspective
and understand that there are
different kinds of friendship
and that the kind we have is
that of transcendence
we will always share a memory
that we can recreate in many
shades and shapes of beauty
and as long as we can flow
we are connected

“Chernobyl Stray Dogs” by photographer Björn Berger


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