The Inside Man

He thinks I brought him
to God
his family and friends agree
and they thank me,
thinking I must be
some kind of pure angel
that saved him

but the truth is
I had also
needed saving
and we saved each other

it may seem at first that I
for them who were too far
away from the site of
my personal evolution
to catch the echoes of my past,
a woman of pristine morals
one of those described
once by a preacher
as having “a heart so hidden
in God that a man has
to seek Him just to find her,”
that I hailed from a land
of spiritual enlightenment
and arrived in his life
to turn it around
and walk along a well-lit path
till death do us part

but the story is much
more complex than that

because I am a sinner, and I
had walked on the patch of gray
between the undying righteous
and a living hell
of blasphemy, of promiscuity,
of messying myself in questions
that I was never ashamed to ask
they offended some and
made others fearful for my soul

I was groping in the dark
with the faint candle
of defiance for guide
and I felt the touch
of His hand when I saw this man
he needed light and so I
let mine burn a little brighter
and it was only then
that I realized how close I was
to the edge of a fatal drop

they see us together, now
praying and believing
growing in faith
and living a blessed life
they say I got him to start
when in fact
it was because of him
that I finally found the reason
I desperately needed
to never stop.

Lines 20-22, commonly misattributed to Maya Angelou, was originally by Max Lucado.

2 thoughts on “The Inside Man

    1. Yea that wasn’t mine. (The attribution was at the bottom of the poem, I think.) But I never forgot it from the first time I read it. It’s permanently ingrained in my soul now. 🙂

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