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So many times I have
awakened within a daydream
only to realize
that we’ve made it,
we actually made it;
so many times I have marveled
at how far we have come,
more than the oceans
we have crossed,
the miles we have flown
across the face of the sun,
but the continents
less tangible and
more difficult to overcome:
chasms between cultures
and thousands of words’
worth of bureaucracy
and we faced them all
like bullets,
sheltering each other and
walking fearlessly
across the battlefield
in steadfast synchronicity
from opposite ends
of a story
whose beautiful ending
is written somewhere
in the middle,
tucked among dogeared pages
in the shape
of our darkest torments
and typeset with promises
received and treasured, then
broken and discarded, then
rescued from the heap
of the ashes we have
repeatedly risen from,
to serve as reminders
that the many times
we gave ourselves
and the many times
we came so close to becoming
what we’d always feared
are worth retelling
if we give a little bit more
for every second chance granted,
after all, life is only
as large as we make it
and we have to turn ours
into no less than a legend
that our great-grandchildren
would want to hear every night
to tuck them in
and help them dream.

“Don’t leave the dog at home,
bring her to your engagement shoot!”

by True Photography


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