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Did you dream
dreams of nights at sea
did you dream
in brushstrokes of watercolor
and rich beats of neo soul,
and did you see me

because I dreamed
in Petrarchan sonnets
and Polaroids
and I dreamed of you
and a life together,

I did not know the details,
I left that for fate
to fill in,
how the streets would undress
from autumn to winter
and whether birds
could be seen flying
from our bedroom window
every afternoon at 4:15

but I dreamed boldly,
if in hand-crafted pieces
and vivid increments

of hushed walks
on mysterious marinas
by a roaring river,
of encrypted heights
sculpting the skyline,
of passionate nights
wrapped in mink and divinity
and of the moon
in a theater of stars

I dreamed
like I could clothe in dreams
and eat dreams
and I filled the house
with them,
and that’s how the hour
of forever found me,
with suitcases full
of bundled romances
and magic
and two thousand inspirations,

some that fit
like second skin
and others that will,
find their place in the flesh

for now we leave those
for safekeeping
and busy our hands
building the beginnings
of a happy ending
with those that have ripened
into truths

“Kiss” by photographer David Samoylov


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