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not even second—
kiss me before you put the groceries down
and love me before dinner

because the hours are never long enough
to do everything that has to be done
the body has limits
and the mind follows
the heart needs a little help
to stay on top
of the pulling tides of
the repeating days

we come home to each other
we need to find the time
to hold each other
love should not have to wait

traffic and bills and
dirty dishes and dirty laundry
so small, so temporary
match our stride
clog our arteries
and I find myself falling asleep
without telling you I love you
but you know I do

so we’ll shuffle the cards
and sift through the numbers
separate the diamonds from the rough
and blow mindless kisses
to all that will have to go unfinished
by sunset
as long as
the passion we have vowed to keep fed
remains burning
through the night
and greets us the next morning.

“Lindsey & Joe Philadelphia Engagement” by Photographer Lisa Rhinehart


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